Electric Carsharing in Vienna.

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Environmentally friendly mobility in your city.

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How it works

1. Get the App

Download the app on your smart device. Registration takes only a few minutes.

2. Locate your E-Car

Using the app, locate your electric vehicle. Parking and energy costs are included in the price.

3. Finish your Trip

When you reach your destination simply find an empty parking spot and leave your Eloop car there. Finish the trip within the app and you're done!

Our Fleet

ELOOP has you covered. Whether you need a small car or a transporter, we have an electric vehicle for every need.

  • Park anywhere in Vienna for free!
  • Charged with 100% green energy
  • Zero C02 emissions

Best Price Guarantee

You don't know if you want to use the e-car for a few minutes, an hour or a day? No problem! Just start driving and the tarif will swich automatically into the cheapest option for you Learn more about our pricing

  • 200 Km/trip and AT-highway toll sticker
  • Free parking at public parking spots
  • Free charging at Wien Energie charging stations

Our App

Use the ELOOP app to effortlessly locate a vehicle. That's all it takes to drive clean & easy through the city.

  • Find ELOOP cars in your area
  • Reserve your ELOOP vehicle for no charge
  • Unlock your car from within the App
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Total amount of CO2 saved by ELOOP cars:

co2 saved by eloop carsharing

The amount that has already been saved by our e-carsharing fleet. Just in Vienna! The saved amount corresponds to:

  • loading...times around the world by car
  • The annual capacity of loading...trees
  • The required CO2 for loading...million liters of beer


The Home Zone shows you the area where you can rent our e-cars. You can leave this zone during a ride. If you want to end your trip, you can simply park the car at the next available parking within the area. Show homezone in map

How do I know I am still in the Homezone?

To help you not get lost, we equipped our fleet with useful features.

  • The LED in the center console will turn green
  • A voice from the speaker tells you
  • You see your current position in the app


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Dieses Projekt wird aus Mitteln des Klima- und Energiefonds gefördert und im Rahmen des Programms „Smart Cities Demo – Living Urban Innovation 2018“ durchgeführt.

Eco-friendly and affortable electric cars whenever you want

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