Let's change Vienna together

ELOOP is a local start-up, that has set itself the goal to revolutionize individual mobility in Vienna.

E-Car for every situation

We ensure that our users always have the right vehicle for their transportation needs. Be it for short trips, family excursions or furniture purchases, ELOOP covers all mobility needs. Our purely electric fleet includes:

  • Compact Cars fit in every parking space
  • Mid-size Cars for weekend trips and excursions
  • Transporter for moving bulky stuff

Flexible pricing

You do not need to decide in advance how long you are gonna use an e-car. The price switches automatically to the cheaper price bracket. The same applies to the daily price.

Soon we will be offering different subscription models. Casual-User and Heavy-User will get the best price for their mobility needs.

Electric Carsharing

ELOOP offers all Viennese the choice to move, cheaply and sustainable from A to B. We have a fleet of different E-cars wich will be distributed throughout Vienna for everybody to use.

Tokenization Model

Communtiy is the heart of our endeavour. We think that real sharing means adding every user to our value chain. We achieve that by tokenizing our fleet and letting the token holders be part of the revenue in real time.

City monitoring with moobile sensors

For ELOOP, Smart City stands for the possibility to measure the state of a city with numbers in real time. That's why our electric cars are equipped with mobile sensors, to evalute environmental data in real time.

6 Reasons to Drive with Us



In contrast to combustion engines, electric motors do not release carcinogenic smog. CO2 pollution and stench become a pale memory with ELOOP.



Our cars are powered by 100% green electricity. Everyone who is part of the ELOOP movement is supporting renewable energies at the same time.



Car sharing is caring. The more cars we share, the less resources are wasted. Insurance, parking fees & charging costs are a pain from yesterday.



Combustion engines are loud! Noise reduces the life quality in many residential areas. This will be a problem of the past. ELOOP reduces noise and you will drive almost silently through the city.



The parking spaces in Vienna are always crowded and use up big parts in the city. We have the vision of an environmentally friendly Vienna, with fewer cars and resposible use of ressources.



Not every E-car is the same. We rely on sustainable and economical electric cars. Our fleet is designed to to use valuable resources as efficiently as possible to protect the environment in the best possible way.

Die Flotte

branded Eloop BMWi3 electric carsharing Vienna

BMW i3

  • 33 kWh Battery
  • 4 Seats
  • CCS 50 kW
  • Type 2 11 kW
branded Eloop renault zoe electric carsharing Vienna

Reanault Zoe

  • 43 kWh Battery
  • 5 Seats
  • Type 2 43 kW
branded Eloop smart electric carsharing Vienna

Smart fourtwo ED

  • 17,6 kWh Battery
  • 2 Seats
  • Type 2 4,6 kW
branded Eloop Transporter electric carsharing Vienna

In the future also vans and other electric vehicles!

Our Home Zone

The Home Zone is our business area where users can drop off and rent electric cars. Of course you are allowed to drive outside but the cars always have to be returned inside. More information can be found in the FAQ.

The ELOOP Home Zone currently covers the inner city area and parts of the outer districts. The exact boundaries of our Home Zone are displayed in our app. If you have not downloaded it yet you can do that here:

Download Eloop App on Apple AppstoreDownload Eloop App on Google Playstore

The Team

ELOOP is an independent start-up founded in August 2017 by four vienna locals. Unlike many other carsharing providers, ELOOP is not an OEM or another large corporation.

Until now the young company was know as 'Caroo'. Under the old name, the start-up has raised € 330k from 220 investors in a crowdinvesting campaign.

In the meantime, ELOOP has received numerous grants and pulled other investors on board. In addition, a cooperation was made with 'Wien Energie'. In June 2019 the E-Carsahirng service launched for the public.


Leroy Hofer


Hazem Kasabji


Heinz Weber


Werner Egger

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