All important information & tips for charging ELOOP-Cars

April 9, 2020
Step by step to a full battery!

For many people, electric cars are still unfamiliar. Especially with the charging of the vehicles, most have not yet made any experiences. However, especially in Vienna, charging and parking can be combined excellently and often saves the annoying search for a parking space. In this article we show how easy charging works and what advantages it has for you.

But how does charging work now?

  1. All ELOOP cars are equipped with a Wien Energie charging card, which is stored in the center console. With this card you can charge our cars within Vienna at all public Wien Energie charging stations for free.
  2. The charging cable is located in the (under)trunk of the Tesla. Plug one end into the charging station and the other into the car. Then hold the charging card against the RFID reader at the charging station. As soon as the lights on the station turn solid blue, the charging process has begun. The charging time is now shown on the display. In addition, the current charging status is now updated every few minutes in the ELOOP app.
  3. Now you can either pause or end your trip.
    END: Please make sure that when you end your trip at a charging station, the battery has less than 50%. In this case, our service team will take care of disconnecting the battery.
    PAUSING: If you are only pausing your trip and charging the car, please make sure to unplug and re-park the car in time. Because after the car is fully charged, it must not be left at the charging station.
  4. To unplug the charging cable, press “End charging” and “Unlock” on the car display. Then unplug the charging cable from the vehicle first and then from the charging station. Now start your journey or park the car.

IMPORTANT: In general, if you park at a charging station, the car must be plugged in or charged. Parking alone, even with an electric car, is not allowed. Please make sure that the electric car is not parked at the station longer than the charging process takes.

For public charging stations the following applies:stations:

From Monday to Sunday between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., the place must be released after the charging process is finished, in any case 15 minutes after the e-car is fully charged. Between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., the e-vehicle can remain stationary.

Charge & Save

Since March 2020, you will benefit from discounted daily rates on all ELOOP cars if the vehicle is parked again with at least 90% battery level. This means that you can easily save 10€ by charging your car for free at a Wien Energie City charging station before the end of the rental period. In this way, you not only help us to ensure that our cars can be rented again as quickly as possible, but you also save yourself money!


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