ELOOP Electric Vehicles

All cars used at ELOOP are purely electric vehicles. With our various brands and models, we offer the right car for every need. To make getting from A to B as easy and convenient as possible, we have equipped all the electric vehicles with the following things:

  • Air conditioning

  • Highway-Vignette Austria

  • Mobile phone holder and multi-charging cable

  • Type2-charging cable for electric cars

  • Parkpickerl for all of Vienna

  • Comprehensive insurance

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is the premium car in the ELOOP fleet. Normal things you expect to see in a car like a radio, air conditioning, and controls to adjust the mirrors or the steering wheel are all controlled on the central touchscreen. Simplicity and driving pleasure guaranteed. 

Technical specifications:

  • Range: 375 km

  • Seats: 5

  • 325 PS

  • Charging power: up to 150 kW at Supercharger¬†

  • Charging time (10% -90%): 45min with Supercharger, 1,5h with CCS 50kW, 4,5h with 11kW

  • Lane-keep assist

  • Large Touchscreen

BMW i3

The BMW i3 comes with its high-quality equipment and powerful engine. The car offers pure driving pleasure and, thanks to the generous storage space, is suitable not only for excursions, but also for large purchases and the transport of smaller furniture.

Technical specifications:

  • Range: 220 km

  • Power: 170 hp, 125 kW

  • Drive: rear-wheel drive

  • Seats: 4

  • Navigation system

  • Charging power: 50 kW with CCS, 11 kW with Type2

  • Charging time (10% -90%): 30 minutes with CCS, 2.5 hours with Type2

  • Special features: clamshell doors, sports seats

  • ELOOP BMW i3 side view
  • ELOOP BMW i3 front and side view
  • ELOOP BMW i3 front view

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe convinces as a complete package. It has the largest battery, most seats and features that are not lacking in anything. The Zoe is ideal for longer trips and excursions, both alone and with friends and family.

Technical specifications:

  • Range: 250 km

  • Seats: 5

  • Navigation system

  • Charging power: up to 43 kW with Type2

  • Charging time (10% -90%): 45 minutes with Type2 (43 kW)

  • Special features: In the city, the car could reach 300 km

  • ELOOP Renault Zoe side view
  • ELOOP Renault Zoe front and side view

Smart EQ

The Smart EQ is the perfect city runabout. Thanks to its special steering wheel lock and its compact shape, the car fits into any parking space. Due to its low center of gravity and low weight, the Smart offers you an incomparable go-kart feeling.

Technical specifications:

  • Range: EQ – 120km

  • Seats: 2

  • Navigation system (in some vehicles)

  • Charging power (different depending on the year of production): between 5 kW – 22 kW

  • Charging time (different depending on the year of production): at 5 kW – 3.5 h, at 22 kW – 45 min.

  • Special features: extremely small turning radius

  • ELOOP Smart EQ side view
  • ELOOP Smart EQ front and side view
  • ELOOP Smart EQ front view

All you need (included)


You are able to charge all ELOOP electric cars at all public charging stations from “Wien Energie” across Vienna. You will find the charging card inside the cars.


You can park the electric cars at all public parking lots and also in short term parking zones across Vienna.


All ELOOP cars have a comprehensive insurance. The insurance coverage applies across the European Union.

Kilometers included

Depending on the price model, the first 180 km – 220 km per trip are on us.

Austrian Vignette

The entire ELOOP fleet is equipped with the Austrian highway vignette.


Our employees are strived to ensure that the ELOOP electric cars are always squeaky clean.

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