ELOOP expands: Doubled homezone with new Teslas

July 6, 2021
The ELOOP homezone will be twice as big.

The ELOOP community can celebrate: The long awaited wish of our users for a zone extension comes true. With the extended homezone we enlarge our business area in Vienna. In this way, we want to meet the increased demand for e-carsharing in Vienna. We have been testing new areas since July the 6th. The ELOOP cars can then be rented and unrented there.

Which areas of Vienna will be added to the ELOOP homezone?

For the first time, we are testing areas above the Danube. This means that completely new parts of the Floridsdorf and Donaustadt districts will be added. But also in the area of Hietzing we extend our business area for the first time.

Areas of the following districts will be added:

  • 1020 Vienna Leopoldstadt
  • 1100 Vienna Favoriten
  • 1110 Vienna Simmering
  • 1120 Vienna Meidling
  • 1130 Vienna Hietzing
  • 1140 Vienna Penzing
  • 1160 Vienna Ottakring
  • 1170 Vienna Hernals
  • 1180 Vienna Währing
  • 1190 Vienna Döbling
  • 1200 Vienna Brigittenau
  • 1210 Vienna Floridsdorf
  • 1220 Vienna Donaustadt

Particularly in demand were the districts of Floridsdorf and Donaustadt, as well as parts of Döbling and Favoriten. Residents of Dornbach, Unter St.Veit, Hetzendorf and the Stuwerviertel district can also look forward to the future. We are excited about the upcoming developments and look forward to expanding our service.

Usage behavior decides which areas of Vienna will finally be included

Our users play a major role in the final decision on which areas of Vienna our ELOOPs will be available for rent in the long term. After a test phase we will analyze the usage behavior in the new areas. With the help of these evaluations, we will decide which areas of Vienna will be permanently included in the ELOOP homezone. Our service team will take care of the best possible allocation of e-cars in the ELOOP area.

But users will soon also be able to actively participate in fleet management. For this, our service will be implemented in the StreetCrowd-app. Complete tasks for our e-carsharing fleet and earn money doing so. Sign up now!

Expansion of the ELOOP fleet: New Teslas on Vienna’s streets

Our fleet is constantly growing. As our home zone expands, we are also making brand new Teslas available for rent. A total of 200 ELOOP Teslas will be on Vienna’s roads by the end of this year. This is made possible by our investors, the Graz-based real estate developer C&P and Venionaire Capital, as well as other new and long-standing investors and partners.

Team growth: ELOOP gets reinforcement

It is a big challenge to realize the homezone expansion including the new Tesla fleet in such a short time. We can only do this with a strong team. ELOOP has been joined in recent months by numerous dynamic and creative talents. They all share a common vision: to further advance an environmentally friendly mobility concept and to share resources and space.

ELOOP specializes: We’re going all Tesla from now on

We have learned a lot in the last few years: By collecting and analyzing a lot of data on usage behavior, we understand the needs of users in urban environments with regard to e-carsharing better and better. To meet these needs, we have taken our Smarts and Renault Zoes out of the fleet and now rely entirely on Tesla.

The main reason: Teslas have a longer range. Many users want to get out of the city and rent an e-car for long distances – often for a whole weekend.

This is also very much in line with our vision of complementing environmentally friendly mobility: with our concept, we primarily want to make longer journeys attractive, rather than an alternative to public transport in urban areas.

In addition, the Teslas are better equipped and larger. This offers our users more comfort and flexibility in terms of use. With the focus on Tesla, ELOOP becomes an even more attractive alternative to private cars.

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