EOT the 2nd round is finally on!

March 2, 2021
The first Tesla are tokenizied


If you’re not familiar with this acronym yet, you probably missed our token sale last year.
EOT stands for ELOOP ONE TOKEN. With this, anyone can participate in the revenues of our carsharing cars.

Tokenized fleet

The in-house cryptocurrency, or “EOT” for short, was offered for sale publicly for the first time in August 2020. In the process, ELOOP was able to sell 240,000 tokens in less than ten weeks, which was equivalent to 240,000 euros. The number of tokens offered is based on the fleet where the revenue share takes place. At the first token sale, this “tokenized” fleet consisted of four BMW i3s. Now the ELOOP Tesla are included and new tokens are offered online.

Token packages

After the wish was expressed by quite a few users to also offer smaller investment packages, we have lowered the minimum amount from 250 tokens to 100 tokens.
Due to tax reasons, the EOT can only be purchased in pre-made packages. These packages are 100, 250, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 3,000 and 4,500 tokens and can be purchased directly from the ELOOP ONE dashboard. For larger investments, it is necessary to fill out a subscription form in advance, which can also be found in the dashboard.

ELOOP is growing constantly

During the last few months, a lot has happened in general:
ELOOP has grown despite the Corona crisis. We have massively increased the Tesla share in our fleet and our team has grown.
Our Telegram community also already has over 370 members, who are regularly fed news and information by us and also exchange information with each other.

One of our first token holders agreed to give us a short statement about the EOT:


ELOOP ONE: What makes us different from other blockchain projects?
Florian: It offers the possibility of participation in carsharing revenues and all data can be viewed transparently in the dashboard. The team maintains great communication with the community and also includes them in surveys and feedback rounds. The support also works great.

ELOOP ONE: Why did you buy the EOT?
Florian: To be able to participate in this ingenious StartUp, to become a part of electromobility and of course to contribute to environmental protection.

ELOOP ONE: Will you buy tokens again at this sale?
Florian: Yes! Definitely.

ELOOP ONE: How did you hear about ELOOP ONE?
Florian: Through an ad on Facebook.

ELOOP ONE: And where do you see potential for improvement?
Florian: I hope that ELOOP will soon offer more vehicles and also more tokens. An expansion of the business area and more payment options for the car sharing service would also be desirable.

EOT tokenized Tesla

One thing we can confirm: Our ELOOP fleet will soon be increased by a lot.

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