Explore Lower Austria: Top destinations for the end of summer

September 20, 2021
The vacation season is over but you still want to take what goes? Then don’t let the last beautiful days of the year pass by unused. We have tested the best destinations in Lower Austria for late summer and early autumn. So you can still spontaneously recharge your batteries last minute and without much planning.

Why travel far or even fly away when these destinations with the best vacation feeling are waiting right around the corner to explore Lower Austria? Vineyards for hikers, lakes for beach vacationers, culture and history – Lower Austria offers it all.

And the best: No plane, bus or train is necessary, you reach all destinations with our comfortable ELOOPs. So let’s hop into one of our e-cars today and jet from Vienna to the most beautiful vacation destinations to explore Lower Austria.

Wachau: Explore Lower Austria by e-car

The Mediterranean climate in Krems, Dürnstein and Weißenkirchen awakens vacation feelings reminiscent of the Adriatic Sea. With our electric cars from ELOOP we drive comfortably along the Romantic Road along the Danube. We enjoy the cultural flair of Krems, hike up mountains with breathtaking views and enjoy regional delicacies from the Heurigen – and treat ourselves to the gifted apricots. In short: Here we can really enjoy ourselves.

We explore Wachau in three stages, including an overnight stay in Weißenkirchen:

1st stage: Enjoy cultural flair in Krems

Krems, the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wachau, is considered a cultural hotspot you definitely have to explore in Lower Austria. That’s why we definitely won’t miss the Krems Art Mile. Contemporary or historical, there is something for everyone.

2nd stage: Climbing the castle ruin in Dürnstein

Our ELOOP e-car takes us on to Dürnstein, where we take the hiking trail to the castle ruins on the mountain. After about 20 to 30 minutes of moderately steep uphill climbing, we reach the well-preserved ruin, which to our delight is also accessible. From there, we enjoy the outstanding view of Dürnstein and the surrounding landscape – perfect content for our insta Insta-Feed!

Tip: Those interested in history can take a longer route to the castle with the approximately 90-minute themed trail and pick up a portion of medieval history along the way.

3rd stage: Enjoy the finest Riesling in Weißenkirchen and stay overnight

From Dürnstein we continue the not even 7 km to Weißenkirchen, according to legend this place is the origin of the Riesling grape. Of course we stop at one of the idyllically located Heurigen, surrounded by vineyards and stone terraces.

Our tip – staying overnight in Weißenkirchen: It feels really good to be out of the hustle and bustle of Vienna again, so we spontaneously decide to spend a night here in Weißenkirchen. No problem with the favorable day rate of ELOOP. So the next day we can still enjoy the beautiful landscape on the leisurely circular hiking trail Achleiten (also suitable for strollers).

Charge your electric car on the road: We are particularly pleased, that we can easily charge our Tesla from ELOOP’s e-car sharing fleet at all major locations along the Romantic Road – that’s Roadtrippin’ 2021! Find out how you can always quickly find the nearest charging station in this article.

Trip Details:

  1. Stop: Krems on the Danube, Austria (78 km from Vienna)
  2. Stop: Dürnstein, 3601, Austria (9 km from Krems)
  3. Stop: Weißenkirchen in der Wachau, 3610, Austria (9 km from Dürnstein)
  • Distance of the Trip: 94 km in total
  • Travel time: total about 1 hr. 25 min.
Pärchen picknickt gegenüber von Dürnstein
©Donau Niederösterreich / Steve Haider

Explore Lower Austria: Time to relax in Therme Laa

There are plenty of destinations in Lower Austria, even for rainy days. A trip with an ELOOP to the Therme Laa is our tip for all those who are looking for inner peace above all. We almost can’t decide what is more relaxing: traveling with our ELOOP Tesla or the massage pools in the Therme.

After parking our e-car to recharge, we’re already chilling in the sauna a few minutes later and relaxing completely in the whirlpool. Only the Silent Spa at Therme Laa is even quieter than the electric motor of our Tesla. Here in Therme Laa we can really switch off and leave all the hustle and bustle and stress behind us. Who needs the Maldives for that?

Trip Details:

  • Adresse: Therme Laa, Thermenpl. 3, 2136 Laa an der Thaya, Austria.
  • Distance from Wien: about 80 km
  • Travel time: about 1 hr. 15 min.
Therme Laa
©Therme Laa

Tesla ride to the paradise of aromas: Sonnentor

This time we whiz to Sprögnitz in our e-car. Here we enjoy a tour through Sonnentor’s world of scents and flavors. We not only watch the production of organic teas, but also enjoy the numerous fragrant spice blends with all our senses. But not only that.

Our tip – Herb hike: There are even guided walks where we can see where the herbs grow. It feels good to know that we didn’t pollute them with exhaust gases by going here. With our ELOOP, we can fully enjoy exploring destinations in Lower Austria without having a guilty conscience.

While our Tesla still waits for us, we enjoy the creatively seasoned dishes at the organic restaurant Leibspeis. Finally, we take a pair of spice blends from the souvenir store and take the relaxing drive back to Vienna in our e-car from ELOOP.

Trip Details:

  • Adresse: SONNENTOR Sprögnitz, Sprögnitz 10, 3910 Sprögnitz, Austria.
  • Distance von Wien: 72 km
  • Travel time: about 1 hr. 35 min. – 1 hr. 50 min.
Sonnentor Frei-Hof

Alpaca hike: Explore Lower Austria with the whole family

The alpacas on the Hohe Wand are perhaps the destination in Lower Austria with the highest cuteness factor of all. The winding uphill ride on our ELOOP Tesla is already the first exciting highlight on our trip to the alpaca hike on the Hohe Wand. At the top, cute llamas and alpacas are waiting for us. For two hours we hike with them through nature, pet them, take selfies with them and make friends.

We enjoy the cloudless day and the company of the fluffy animals. Time passes quickly and before we know it, we are back in our ELOOP Tesla and zipping back home. Unfortunately, none of the alpacas fit into our e-car, otherwise we would have gladly taken one with us. 🙂

If the weather is not suitable for you on the day of the excursion, you don’t have to worry: The hike will simply be postponed in case of rain and you won’t lose your money.

Trip Details:

  • Adresse: Hohe Wand Nature Park, Kleine Kanzel-Straße 241, 2724 Maiersdorf, Austria.
  • Distance von Wien:: 72 km
  • Travel time: about 1 hr. 10 min.

Street art in Würmla: Explore Lower Austria and fill your Insta feed

There are a lot of destinations to explore Lower Austria, but street art is only in Vienna, right? Nope! Open the ELOOP app – get in the Tesla – get out of the city – and boom, in no time at all we’re in the market town of Würmla, about 60 km west of Vienna. The spot is our personal insider tip among the excursion destinations in Lower Austria.

In 2019, old barns and silos were painted and sprayed here. The result of this art project can be seen. Between hills and forests, the art project “Würmla’s walls” shows urban street art in rural space – a great contrast. We were totally surprised by the spot, you have to see these artworks!

Either you explore the masterpieces, which cover a total of 10 localities, by foot. The longest circular walk, which covers all 13 works of art, stretches over 23 km. We therefore recommend one of the smaller circular trails (7, 10 or 12 km). The starting and finishing point for each route is Würmla Castle.

Or you can simply cruise through the area in one of ELOOP’s Tesla like we did. We couldn’t get enough of the mystical paintings – Austrian culture at it’s finest!

Würmlas Wände
Grub ©Alexander Rauch, Samuel Traber

Trip Details:

  • Adresse: Würmla Castle, Schlossweg 2, 3042 Würmla
  • Distance von Wien:: 48 km (via B1), 56 km (via A1), 66 km (via A22)
  • Travel time: about 1 hr. 10 min.

You want to charge your ELOOP on the road? Here you can find helpful information and tips for charging your ELOOP Tesla.

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