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September 10, 2021
With these tips, you can always quickly find the next available charging station. Including links to the best apps and maps, with which you also have all Superchargers for ultra-fast charging in view!

Are there enough charging stations for ELOOP users?

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25% of the ELOOP community can’t always find a free charging station quickly. To make the search easier, we’ve compiled the best maps and apps for you here. Let’s go:

Find stations for your ELOOP via Google Maps

Whether you’re already on the road or still planning your trip. You can always find all options for your ELOOP trips via Google Maps, of course.

  1. Start the navigation for your route in Maps
  2. Then click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner
  3. In the search field “search along the route” you now enter for example “electric car charging station.
  4. Maps will now show you possible charging stations along your route.

See stations via app and map for Vienna and Austria

If you are cruising through Austria with your ELOOP, there are over 1,900 stations in and around Vienna and over 5,000 throughout Austria (as of September 2021).

The easiest way to find out where the next free station for your ELOOP Tesla is is to use the “Wien Energie Tanke” app (download directly for iOS/iPhone or for Android). In the app, you can also see at a glance which charging stations are currently free.

The map on the Wien Energie website also shows you all charging stations.

Do you know that we have doubled our home zone in Vienna in the summer of 2021? Maybe there will soon be an ELOOP right on your doorstep? Here you can see which areas of Vienna have been added.

Charging stations specifically for Germany

There are already 24,400 stations for electric cars in Germany (September 2021). And the number is growing every day. With 20,400 stations in the same quarter last year, this corresponds to an increase of almost 20 percent within one year.

This interactive map from the German Federal Network Agency shows where the nearest charging station is in your area.

Find a Tesla Supercharger for your ELOOP

At ELOOP, you’re also on the road with the pioneer when it comes to charging technology. With the Superchargers, i.e. the fast charging stations specially developed by Tesla, ultra-fast charging is possible. The Generation V2 Superchargers are the most common in Europe and have a capacity of 150kW. Since summer 2020, more and more Superchargers V3 with 250 kW have also been added.

Good to know: In the case of Superchargers, the charging cable is located on the charging station itself. Information and tips on fast charging at Tesla Superchargers can be found here.

In Austria, there are currently 26 Supercharger stations with a total of around 200 charging points. In Germany, Tesla drivers can access 90 Supercharger locations with over 1,000 charging stations so far (as of September 2021). You can find a map with all Tesla Superchargers here.

See Superchargers with the on-board computer in the ELOOP

With ELOOP, you can always keep an eye on all Supercharger stations for possible charging breaks while you’re on the road. Even if you’re almost in the Dolomites or one of the beautiful lakes in Austria. The on-board computer shows you where the next Supercharger is at all times.

That way, you don’t run the risk of missing a fast charging station. And in the worst case, you could end up waiting an unnecessarily long time at a charging station with low power. The on-board computer also shows you how much time you should allow for a charging stop.

Use Destination Charging locations as charging stations

Destination Charging locations at hotels, restaurants and shopping centers are also a good way to charge your ELOOP during longer breaks. Just like the Superchargers for ultra-fast charging, these are also a Tesla project. Here, however, as the name suggests, you need a bit more staying power.

It takes about three hours to recharge a Tesla from ELOOP at a destination charging station. So they’re especially good for charging your e-car during longer breaks. For example, if you pass a nice little town on your route that you want to explore. Or if you’re planning an extended shopping trip.

In most cases, the use of Destination Charging stations is free of charge. The map shows where you can find Destination Chargers.

Helpful tips and information about charging your ELOOP can be found in this article.

You can also find two video tutorials on charging ELOOP’s Tesla Model 3 in our FAQs.


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