Free floating is growing

February 22, 2019
Environmental- and price advantages of car sharing

Explanation of the model

The concept of car sharing can be used in different ways. In addition to stationary car sharing, it is above all the so-called “free floating”, which is growing relatively strongly. “Free-floating” means that the vehicles can be parked in any public car park within a certain business area. This ensures the flexibility of the users, as they can move freely with the car sharing cars and park them within a defined area as they wish. However, car sharing should not be seen as a competition to local public transport, but rather as an extension to it, with a slightly different use case. In 2015, there were 2.5 million daily public trips and 7,000 car sharing trips (MA-18, 2015).


In Germany in particular, strong growth can be observed in the area of ​​free floating car sharing. In 2016, this sector grew by 51.8%. In comparison, stationary car sharing only grew by 5.8% (BCS, 2016). A constant increase is also visible in Vienna. As early as 2015, 100,000 people regularly used car sharing offers (MA-18, 2015). The established car sharing providers are steadily increasing their fleets and the sales figures imply increasing capacity utilization. “Free-floating” car sharing is no longer a niche service and is convincing more and more people.

Environmental Protection

The use of carsharing cars with combustion engines saved 7,000 tons of CO2 in Vienna in 2015 (MA-18, 2015). If pure electric cars had been used back then, that number would be many times higher. Already with 50 electric car sharing cars, over 30 tons of CO2 can be saved compared to conventional car sharing providers and 130 tons of C02 compared to private cars. In addition, there is the fine dust production – this applies above all to car sharing providers who use combustion engines-vehicles. The catalytic converter does not work in the first 60-90 seconds after starting the engine and the fine dust is emitted unfiltered. The car sharing cars have a particularly large number of cold starts per day and are increasingly polluting the environment. By using electric cars, these emissions are completely eliminated. The environmental pollution “noise” can also be significantly reduced.

Price advantage

In a city you can save up to € 170 if you use a car sharing car instead of using your own car (standard, 02/21/17). Casual drivers in particular benefit from car sharing. However, the service does not offer any advantages for commuters, but would even mean additional costs.


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