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What does Best Price Guarantee mean and how are your prices determined?

Our pricing algorithm guarantees you that you always drive at the cheapest price. You can just start a trip and if the hourly rate is cheaper than the minute rate, you automatically switch to the cheaper rate for you. The same applies, for each additional hour and the daily price. As a result, you do not need to decide which package to choose or how long you need a car before starting a trip.

How can I use the service?

Everything you need is our app, a valid driving licence and a credit card. Just download the app in the App Store or Play Store. After registering, you can use our e-cars. You can find the available cars in the app. You can choose a car and book it upfront. When you stand in front of a car, you can unlock it by using the app. Next get in the car, press start and enjoy your ride!

Where am I allowed to drive?

With our e-cars, you are allowed to drive in the entire EU without any additional charges. The car just needs to be back in our home zone for ending a trip.

Whats the minimum age to use Eloop?

The minimum age is 18 years. Otherwise, you only need a valid driver's license and a credit card.

Do I have to charge the e-car by myself?

No. If you notice that the battery of the e-car is coming to an end, then please try to complete your ride as soon as possible. You can also charge the e-car yourself if you want to use it longer. Please note that a ride may not be completed as long as the e-car is plugged into a charging station. You can charge our cars for free at all Wien Energie charging stations in Vienna. The charging card is located in the vehicle.

How and where can I charge an e-car?

You can charge our cars for free at all Wien Energie charging stations in Vienna. At all other stations you have to pay for the charging yourself (this also applies for Wien Energie charging stations outside of Vienna). For charging you can simply put the car to any available charging station. The charging cable is located in the trunk of the e-car. Connect one end to the charging station and the other to the e-car. Then hold the charging card to the RFID reader at the station. As soon as the lights on the station turn green, the charging process has started. You can lock the car now (The BMW i3 will stop charging when you unlock the car while charging). Please note that you are not allowed to end a trip while the e-car is charging. However you can pause a trip during the charging process and continue it afterwards.

Which payment methods are supported?

Currently we only support credit card payments.

Where can I park?

You can park our e-cars at almost all public car parks. Please make sure before ending your trip that you are not on a private or commercial parking lot (supermarkets, government agencies, etc.), residents parking or a parking lot where parking is not allowed on certain days or at certain times, which includes loading and delivery areas. More detailed information can be found here 8.6.

What does Home Zone mean?

This is our area where you are allowed to start or end your trips and . But of course you are allowed to drive outside!

How do I finish a trip?

First, make sure that you are in the Home Zone. Then simply stop the e-car at a parking spot, close the doors and finish the trip with the app. In addition, make sure that you are standing in a permitted parking lot. More detailed information about the allowed parking spaces can be found here 8.6.


Is smoking allowed?

No. Smoking is prohibited in all e-cars.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes you are welcome to take animals, but only in transport boxes. Without them, animals have to stay outside.

Is alcohol allowed?

No. As a driver, your level of alcohol in the blood must be zero.

Is it allowed to switch drivers during a trip?

No. The user who has rented the e-car is exclusively allowed to drive.

Are food and beverages allowed?

Both are allowed inside the cars. However, please make sure that you leave the car as you found it.

Accidents & Damage

What do I do in a traffic accident?

First, make sure that no one was injured and secure the scene of the accident properly! Please call the police in any case. This also applies to minor damages. In any case, it is your duty to take note of the name of the other car holder (s) involved, the number plate and the police file number, and to send us a written accident report immediately. Please contact our customer service right away as well! The contact details can be found in our app.

What do I do if I notice any damages?

Please open our app. You can report damages here. Otherwise, you can also contact our customer service. The contact details can also be found in the app.

What do I do in the event of a breakdown?

Please contact our customer service immediately. The contact details can be found in the app.

What happens if I empty an e-car?

If you drive an e-car completely empty, you have to pay the towing costs and the service costs yourself. Please always make sure that you stop the e-car with enough charge left.

Other Questions

Can I charge my smartphone in the car?

Yes of course. All our e-cars are equipped with multi-charging cables.

Are the cars insured?

Yes. All e-cars have a liability insurance.

What happens if I drive through a speed trap?

Well, this happens. Unfortunately, you have to pay the penalty yourself. You will receive a notification by e-mail from us.

What happens if my smartphone battery goes flat during the rental process?

The rental process continues until you end your trip with the app. So please make sure that the smartphone has enough battery to complete a rental process. You will also find multi-charging cables, which are compatible to most phones in our E-Cars.


How can I pay for my trips?

Currently, credit card is the only supported payment method. If you use a debit card, please make sure that you have enough money on your card to use the Eloop service.

My credit card was declined. What can I do?

First, make sure that your credit card has not expired and that the credit limit is sufficient. When using a debit card please also check that there is enough money on the card to pay for your trips. If this is the case and it still does not work, please contact us directly by mail -

The open amount could not be debited from my credit card. What can I do?

We try a total of 3 times to debit the amount from the credit card. If this does not work, it is most likely because the credit card has expired or there is not enough credit or money on the card. The users are obliged to settle the outstanding amount as soon as possible. Please contact us directly by mail -

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