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from 45.90€ for 24 hours

With the ELOOP pricing you do not need to book hourly or daily packages in advance. Choose your car, start your trip & you will get the best price – automatically!

pricing models

  • Credits

    OFFER: If you return the car with a battery level of at least 90%, you will get 10€ in credits*

  • OFFER: If you return the car with a battery level of at least 90%, you will get 10€ in credits*



0€ per month

  • Day (24h)EUR 84,33
    First hourEUR 12,11
    Each additional hourEUR 11,00
    MinuteEUR 0,37
    ELOOP BMW i3
  • Day (24h)EUR 121,11
    First hourEUR 16,56
    Each additional hourEUR 15,44
    MinuteEUR 0,54
    ELOOP Tesla
  • Day (24h)EUR 62,11
    First hourEUR 9,89
    Each additional hourEUR 8,78
    MinuteEUR 0,32
    ELOOP Smart EQ
km included 24h180 km
UnlockEUR 1,00
More kilometersEUR 0,31
DeductibleEUR 1.100
Subscription term



99€ per year

  • Day (24h)EUR 75,90
    First hourEUR 10,90
    Each additional hourEUR 9,90
    MinuteEUR 0,33
    ELOOP BMW i3
  • Day (24h)EUR 109,00
    First hourEUR 14,90
    Each additional hourEUR 13,90
    MinuteEUR 0,49
    ELOOP Tesla
  • Day (24h)EUR 55,90
    First hourEUR 8,90
    Each additional hourEUR 7,90
    MinuteEUR 0,29
    ELOOP Smart EQ
km included 24h200 km
UnlockEUR 1,00
More kilometersEUR 0,28
DeductibleEUR 900
Subscription term12 months**


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* Valid for a trip of at least 8 hours or longer.

** The subscription plan can be canceled monthly after 12 months.

You can find more information about our services, fees & costs in our Terms & Conditions and Price list.

UNBEATABLE all-in pricing


You can charge our EVs at all Wien Energie charging stations in Vienna for free. The charging card is inside the car.


The electric cars can be parked in public parking lots & short-term parking zones for free.


All ELOOP cars have a comprehensive insurance. The insurance coverage applies across the European Union.

Kilometers included

Depending on the price model, the first 180 km – 220 km per trip are on us.

AUT Vignette

The entire fleet is equiped with vignettes for the Austrian freeway.


Our staff takes care that the cars are always in sparkling conditions.


always ride environmentally friendly at the best price

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