The first token sale has finally ended #1

November 24, 2020
All ELOOP ONE Token are sold.

240,000 ELOOP ONE token sold

After 89 days and over 300 token holders, we have achieved our goal. 240,000 ELOOP ONE token were sold over less than three months and thus one month before the end of the term. The last EOT were sold on the morning of November 23rd. The first token sale is now over.

First token sale

4 BMW i3 completely tokenized

In the first token sale, the tokenized fleet consisted of 4 BMW i3s. Since the beginning of the ELOOP ONE Token Sale, sales have been € 10,588. Costs like insurance, energy, service and parking fees amounted to € 5867. The profit was € 4721, half of it went to the token holder. These values ​​can all be viewed completely transparently via the ELOOP ONE dashboard, as can the journeys of the tokenized BMWs.

Driving credits included

With every token purchase, ELOOP driving credits were also given away, which can be used for the car sharing service. These credits have decreased in percentage over the last few weeks. In the first two weeks, you could secure up to € 1800 travel credits, and in the end it was up to € 1200.

Whats next?

The next token sale starts soon and then with several Tesla Model 3s.

You can join our Telegram group for regular updates, exchanges with other ELOOP ONE token holders and also buying & selling token. We already have over 170 members there.

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