ELOOP – electric carsharing

Wiener Linien customers have


If you sign up to ELOOP as a WIENER LINIEN customer you have FREE REGISTRATION + 10€ Credits!

Provide following PROMOCODE at your registration:



to GET your CAR!

1. Get the App

Download the app on your smart device. Registration takes only a few minutes and you are ready to go!

2. Locate your E-Car

Use the app to locate your electric vehicle. Parking and energy costs are included in the carsharing price.

3. Finish your Trip

When you reach your destination simply find an empty parking spot and leave your ELOOP car there. To finish the trip use the app.


Electric Vehicles

ELOOP has you covered. Whether you need a small car or 5 seats, we have an electric vehicle for every need.

  • Park anywhere in Vienna for free!

  • Charged with 100% green energy

  • Zero C02 emissions


Our App

Use the ELOOP app to effortlessly locate a vehicle. That’s all it takes to drive clean & easy through the city.

  • Find ELOOP cars in your area

  • Reserve your ELOOP vehicle for no charge

  • Unlock your car from within the App


The Home Zone shows you the area where you can rent our carsharing electric vehicles. You can leave this zone during a ride. If you want to end your trip, you can simply park the car at the next available parking within the area.

How do I know I am still in the Homezone?

To help you not get lost, we equipped our fleet with useful features:

  • The LED in the center console will turn green

  • A voice from the speaker tells you

  • You see your current position in the app

ELOOP Home Zone

* You can see the current zone in the app as soon as you have selected a car.

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